Misha Kahn

If you give people the leeway, then they’ll happily wander into a new version of reality. ”

          Misha Kahn has emerged as one of the leading creative voices of his generation. Through a wildly imaginative approach that embraces spontaneity and non-conformity, Kahn allows the illogical and the irreverent to take over his process. He employs an entire spectrum from lo-fi and ad hoc techniques—such as improvisational molds and collage—to virtual reality.

          Born in Duluth, Minnesota in 1989, Kahn graduated from Rhode Island School of Design in 2011 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Furniture Design. Early in his career, he gained recognition when he was featured in the Museum of Arts and Design’s Biennial (2014).

          Unafraid to push boundaries, Kahn is driven to self-invent, adapt, and further processes in a myriad of mediums including metalwork, glass, wood, textiles, ceramic, casting, fiberglass, resin, and cement. Embracing an unorthodox result, he seeks the opportunity to learn from masters in their respective crafts. For example, Kahn’s acclaimed woven Scrappy series (since 2015) is the result of a collaboration with Gone Rural, a female group of traditional weavers based in Eswatini.  He has also produced several woven tapestries and rugs with Stephens Tapestry Studio of South Africa. Other meaningful practitioners whom Kahn has worked with include artist Alma Allen’s studio in Mexico, glass sculptor Deborah Czeresko in Brooklyn, and the famed late Italian jewelry designer GianCarlo Montebello.

          In April 2022 Museum Villa Stuck opened Kahn’s first institutional solo show titled Under the Wobble Moon: Objects from the Capricious Age. His work has been exhibited internationally and is in the permanent collection of museums such as the Corning Museum of Glass, NY; Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas, TX; Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, CA; Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, TX and Speed Museum of Art, Louisville, KY. Kahn lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.



Bois Brûle, 2023

Knit new wool, polyester, and nylon, stainless steel
38.5 x 111.5 x 54.5 inches
98 x 283 x 138 cm

Harvest Moon, 2023

Knit new wool, polyester, and nylon, stainless steel
42.25 x 65 x 52.75 inches
107 x 165 x 134 cm

The Gatherer, 2019

Found objects, mixed media, grass, fibers
80 x 55 x 36 inches
203 x 140 x 91.5 cm

Al Dente, 2019

35 x 21 x 21 inches
89 x 53 x 53 cm
Edition of 8

The Scavenger, 2018

Found objects, mixed media, ceramic beads, grass, fibers, car door
98 x 68 x 38 inches
249 x 173 x 96.5 cm


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