Creative Minds:
Daniel Arsham

March 1, 2020

By Lucy Rees


“A lot of my work is about dislocating time,” says Daniel Arsham, whose multifaceted practice spans art, architecture, and fashion. Last year, he was the talk of Design Miami/, thanks to a futuristic domestic environment he created for Friedman Benda (top right). The idea sprang from the need to furnish his Long Island home, which was designed by modernist Norman Jaffe. (Architecture is a long-held passion for Arsham, who cofounded the innovative firm Snarkitecture in 2007.) Most recently, he launched a men’s capsule collection with Dior and installed a series of eroded, crystallized sculptures (right) at Perrotin’s Paris outpost, collaborating with a 200-year-old French molding atelier. Dated 1,000 years in the future, the artifacts celebrate time-honored craftsmanship and reveal a mystifying world to come.


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