February 19, 2022 - March 26, 2022

Friedman Benda, Los Angeles, CA

          Albertz Benda and Friedman Benda are pleased to present The Endless Summer, which marks the first public exhibition at the galleries’ Los Angeles space. Highlighting new explorations from established and emerging voices at the forefront of their fields, The Endless Summer references the title of the seminal surf documentary from 1966 and channels similar themes of commitment to storytelling and dedication to one’s craft. 

          Concurrent to his solo exhibition at the Carnegie Museum of Art, the exhibition highlights a new piece from Sharif Bey’s Necklace series, in which he reappropriates and recontextualizes this imagery to challenge the cultural mainstream.  

          A continuation of his Objects for Living II series, the installation unveils a 6ft tall sculpture by multidisciplinary artist Daniel Arsham.

          Following his first US solo show at the gallery and acclaimed exhibition at the ICA in Milan, the setting will premiere a chandelier from his seminal Mobile series a chandelier from influential London-based designer Michael Anastassiades.

          The Endless Summer marks the public debut of a monumental dining table set in brightly colored hues with exuberant curves by OrtaMiklos in celebration of the creative duo’s solo show on view in NY from February 24th to March 19th.   

          Another centerpiece of the presentation will be a new work by Cleon Peterson, known for his stark, monochromatic figures that explore tensions between the individual and society at large in advance of his first solo show at the gallery opening in March.

          In anticipation of Jake Clark’s solo show in September 2022 in LA, the Australian ceramist will debut a new series that reflects on iconic Los Angeles establishments. The setting will be completed by the iteration of Ini Archibong’s Switch table series inspired by Dr. Dre and by his experience growing up in Pasadena surrounded by low-rider car culture.

          The exhibition also marks the first collaboration with Los Angeles based artist Angela Anh Nguyen known for her tufted rugs informed by her personal experience of being a child of parents of the Vietnamese diaspora.


All artists and designers on view include:

Michael Anastassiades

Daniel Arsham

Ini Archibong 

Sharif Bey

Timothy Curtis

Estudio Campana

Jake Clark

Carmen D’Apollonio

Devon DeJardin

Najla El Zein


Misha Kahn

Kay Kurt

Joris Laarman

Fernando Laposse

Christopher Le Brun

Famakan Magassa

Tony Marsh

Angela Anh Nguyen


Felipe Pantone

Cleon Peterson

Samuel Ross

Chris Schanck


Faye Toogood

Thaddeus Wolfe

Barbora Žilinskaitė

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