What Happens When Architects Design Furniture? | VOGUE

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By Ahnna Lee

January 18, 2015


At Friedman Benda gallery, two architect-designed furniture exhibitions show the constant inventiveness of the genre. “Inside the Walls: Architects Design” presents remarkably rare pieces of furniture by some of the most preeminent architects of the 20th century, while “No-Thing: An Exploration Into Aporetic Architectural Furniture”—aporetic meaning perplexing—investigates new ideas around furniture and how it can inspire behavior in the domestic space.

Upstairs at “Inside the Walls: Architects Design,” you’ll find an exceptional selection of unique furniture designed by the likes of Frank Lloyd Wright, Charles and Ray Eames, Frank Gehry, and Rudolph Schindler, thoughtfully curated through the expertise of renowned 20th-century modernist design collector, Mark McDonald. Contextual visuals and text lead to an understanding of custom furniture design, revealing both historical value and impressive originality, especially considering the architects’ limited resources at the time.

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