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July 3, 2024

COVET THIS: Raphael Navot’s Nature-Inspired Furniture, on View in Los Angeles
By Samuel Rutter

From his Paris studio, the Israeli-born interior designer and artist Raphael Navot explains how the natural world underpins “Reverberations,” his new show at Friedman Benda’s Los Angeles location. “All of these pieces come from a combination of shapes that form in nature,” he says. “[The question then is] how we assemble them.” Threefold, an armchair made of cast concrete and velvet, was inspired by the simple shape of three stones stacked together. Other pieces are the result of Navot’s experiments that combine new technology with traditional craftsmanship: Clast (Translucent Stream), a coffee table made with an eco-resin foam sourced from ocean plastic, uses 3-D printing as part of the casting process.

Navot, who for the past two years has collaborated with the Italian fashion brand Loro Piana on its first-ever range of furniture and in 2011 designed the interior of the filmmaker David Lynch’s Silencio — a Parisian nightclub six floors underground in a former printing press — now works mostly in hotels and restaurants. (In 2017, he completed the Hotel National des Arts et Métiers in Paris.) His limited-edition home furnishings also include carpets that depict aerial views of the Earth’s surface, some of which were produced by Nepali weavers according to traditional methods. “Reverberations” will be on view from July 11 through Sept. 25,


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