Friedman Benda explores aporetic architectural furniture in nine new designs | Wallpaper*

By Pei-Ru Keh

January 25, 2018


When Juan Garcia Mosqueda shut the doors of his New York design gallery, Chamber, last year, it was more for personal reasons than anything else. ‘I really wanted to go back to school,’ Mosqueda says candidly, ‘my undergraduate education was fine, but it didn’t really provide me with the knowledge that I wanted to seek. I thought getting back to reading and writing would influence my shows and allow me to contribute something to design in the way we talk about products and objects, but on a metaphysical level.’

Currently enrolled at Harvard Graduate School of Design and pursuing a masters degree in cultural studies, Mosqueda’s yearning for a more philosophical way of thinking clearly inspired his most recent endeavor: curating ‘No-Thing – an exploration into aporetic architectural furniture’ at Friedman Benda’s project space, just a few streets away from where Chamber once stood in Chelsea. Based on Scottish psychiatrist R.D. Laing’s notion of a state of ‘in betweenness’ of two entities, the exhibition encourages an ambiguity of self and intention towards the act of creating and design.

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