Common Ground | Design Miami/ Forum Magazine

November 17, 2020

By Brent Lewis


“In the extraordinarily charged atmosphere of this moment, Adam Silverman is proposing what might nowadays sound radical: reconciliation. The Design Miami/ America(s) exhibition will feature the in-progress debut of Silverman’s Common Ground, a project for which he has assembled, with the aid of volunteers, clay, ash, and water from each of the 56 US states and territories.” —Aric Chen, Design Miami/ Curatorial Director

The ceramic work of Los Angeles-based artist Adam Silverman reflects his understanding of the traditions of pottery making, but he isn’t bound by any narrow definition of what a potter should be. Formally trained as an architect at the Rhode Island School of Design, Silverman began working with ceramics as a teenager, and he continued to explore the medium through the years of his education and his time working as an architect before committing to his art practice full time. His process begins with intensive experimentation, and the result is organic materials imbued with intentionality and significance. Through bold installations at institutions around the world and his galleries in Los Angeles, New York, Europe, and Japan, he presents complex, dissonant, and beautiful objects that manifest his inclusive and pioneering methods.

In the fall of 2019, Silverman began a new and an ambitious project, Common Ground, which he has since been working on in his studios in Los Angeles and near Providence. Looking forward to the unveiling of the first phases of Common Ground at Design Miami in a few weeks, I reached out to Adam to learn more about how the project came to be.

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