An Exploration of Connection at Friedman Benda

March 6, 2024

By Cassey Ayala


          The nature of the exchange between relationships is one that is abstruse, one that constantly finds itself in a battle of fairness. The idea of it all reflects a communion that has no beginning and no end; and it often doesn’t successfully discover the balanced center it so rightfully deserves. Although a subject that is so easily misunderstood, Lithuanian designer Barbora Žilinskaitė is finding beauty in relationship dynamics through her artistry. Her latest artwork, Chairs Don’t Cry, is claiming residency within the walls of Friedman Benda in Los Angeles. 

          Žilinskaitė’s latest exhibition is in a pursuit of exploring the intricacies of connections between owners and their objects, ensuring to question perspectives of humanity alongside the now natural customs of consumption. Each piece strives  to manifest a link between people and things while encouraging a deserving essence of equality laced throughout. Displaying figurative shapes, the Belgium-based designer incorporates beaming hues of colored dyes and human-like forms created from her signature forum of reclaimed sawdust. 

          Human-like features attract us, evoke emotions and feelings, they create this weird still friendly atmosphere,” Žilinskaitė says, “but also human-like objects become more significant -and that helps me to advocate for them.”

          Chairs Don’t Cry is on display at Friedman Benda until March 30th.


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