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nendo’s Design: Tokyo 2020 Olympic Cauldron

July 27, 2021

nendo designed th Tokyo 2020 Olympic Cauldron based on the concept “All gather under the Sun, all are equal, and all receive energy” by Mansai Nomura, who was the Chief Executive Creative Director of the planning team for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics. A total of 85 drafts were made out, from flames trapped in a heat-resistant glass sphere to spinning the flames to create a spherical appearance, in order to express the desired resemblance to the Sun. Through trial and error, a spherical form was designed, consisting of upper and lower hemispheres each with five panels representing the Olympic rings. At the end of the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games, the cauldron “bloom” to welcome the final torchbearer. This expresses not only the Sun itself, but also the energy and vitality that can be obtained from it, such as plants sprouting, flowers blooming, and hands opening wide toward the sky.

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