` Metropolitan Museum of Art Acquires Work by Ini Archibong – Friedman Benda

Metropolitan Museum of Art Acquires Work by Ini Archibong

September 29, 2021

Part of the Vernus series that marks Ini Archibong’s first collaboration with Friedman Benda, it references hopes for a new spring. “I hope that when [one] see’s it, it gives them that feeling that you get when you wake up the first day that spring has hit. When you look out the window and there’s a bunch of flowers after it’d just been a desolate winter. That feeling of not just hope, but hope fulfilled,” says Archibong. Ini’s practice is deeply informed by music and each Vernus symbolizes a different musical composition blending diverse personal experiences from “finish fetish” car culture, skateboarding, and Pasadena’s Rose Parade.


The Metropolitan Museum of Art acquired Vernus 3 (2020) by Ini Archibong, which will be included in the upcoming Before Yesterday We Could Fly: An Afrofuturist Period Room at The Met Fifth Avenue.

Vernus 3, 2020

Glass, galvanized steel

81.5 x 59 x 31.5 inches

207 x 150 x 80 cm

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