June 1, 2021 - June 27, 2021

London Design Biennale, Somerset House, London, UK

The Pavilion of the African Diaspora (PoAD) was born frmo the need for a space on the global stage centred on the voices and contributions of people born of the African Diaspora.

A collective who have been dispersed to countries far and wide, some by choice and others by force. Comprised of an architectural folly inspired by the mythology of the conch and cowrie shells emerging from the sand, the PoAD, designed by renowned luxury product designer Ini Archibong, is a sacred reimagining of the journey of African permanence and resources.

The PoAD will serve as an innovative multi-use educational and event facility, and as a sanctuary to tell stories and create a reality where voices are recognised and respected for the diversity of their timbre. The structural folly of the PoAD is a symbolic gateway to the past, present, and future in the exploration of Reparations + Representations = Repair & Resonance to energise our sail and carry us on our continued journey onward.

The Pavilion of the African Diaspora is the debut initiative of the Archibong Heritage Foundation. PoAD is made possible through the support of partner(s): Logitech

Designer Ini Archibong standing in front of PoAD. Photography by John Sibley
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