` Front Design, Sketch Furniture (2005) – Friedman Benda

Front Design, Sketch Furniture (2005)

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What would it be like if we could design directly in space? This is the question that the Swedish group Front posed themselves over fifteen years ago. Using motion capture technology, they recorded a series of strokes in mid-air, then rendered a series of shapes using rapid prototyping – including chairs, a table, and a chandelier. For many observers, the project was (and remains) the quintessential example of early digital design. Though the production process was complex in practice, requiring the integration of several different technologies, it created the illusion of immediacy – a dream of “instant design” that new technologies have so often promised. Every year gets us a little closer to that possibility, thanks to the continual development of rapid prototyping technology. Meanwhile, the Sketch series looks more and more prescient.

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