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Design in Dialogue #65: Washington Fajardo

October 9, 2020

As president of the Rio World Heritage Institute and the Mayor’s Special Advisor for Urban Issues, Washington Fajardo created policies and finance solutions to preserve heritage, regenerate buildings and places, and improve public services in Rio de Janeiro. His innovative initiatives revived cultural heritage and the rehabilitation of historic buildings. Now using the latest 3D imaging technologies, he is developing a new “urban agency,” and problem-solving lab at the intersection of academia, city government, and community.


Watch the conversation here:


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Inaugurated on April 1, 2020, Design in Dialogue is a series of online interviews hosted alternately by curator and historian Glenn Adamson and designer Stephen Burks. Conversations are held on Zoom every Wednesdays for 1 hour, beginning at 11am Eastern Time, including a participatory Q&A. Please join leading voices from the field — designers, makers, critics, and curators — as they discuss their work and ideas.

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