Toomas Toomepuu

Born in Rhode Island in 1995, Toomas Toomepuu grew up with an affinity for exploring and painting abandoned spaces and piecing those found materials together to make bike ramps and tree houses.

Toomepuu further investigates this impulse through his artistic practice and through utilizing found objects and unconventional materials. Toomepuu examines what he describes as “failed promises of technology.” Combining, remixing, and dissecting disparate materials and methods into dynamic assemblages, Toomepuu orchestrates similar to a conductor in performance – “playing at fever pitch, until it seems like it can only fall apart.”

His practice is informed by his experiences working on a commercial trap fishing boat in a small town off the coast of Rhode Island or blacksmithing during a residency at The Steel Yard. In 2020, Toomepuu graduated from the College for Creative Studies, Detroit with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Crafts and was the recipient of the college’s Redmond Design Vision and Excellence Award in 2021.

He lives and works in Detroit, MI.


Call of the Void, 2022

Aluminum, bronze, various hardwoods, glass, polycarbonate, epoxy, steel, hardware, stainless steel chain, casters, copper
82 x 62 x 40 inches
208 x 157 x 102 cm

Dreamer and Dream, 2020

Wood, glass, copper, stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum, plywood, paint, silicone, varnish, gold leaf, suede, velvet
55 x 93 x 50 inches
139.7 x 236.2 x 127 cm


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