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Speechless: Different by Design

November 10, 2019 - February 20, 2020

Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas, TX

Speechless: Different by Design - Exhibitions

Explore the many ways in which we connect to the world around us through our senses in Speechless, an exhibition of multisensory, interactive, and immersive experiences for visitors of all backgrounds and abilities. Created in collaboration with designers, scholars, and scientists, Speechless presents unique opportunities for discovering new perspectives through communications beyond speech and words.


Co-organized by the Dallas Museum of Art and the High Museum of Art, Speechless will debut site-specific installations and new commissions by six leading and emerging international designers and design teams—Ini Archibong, Matt Checkowski, Misha Kahn, Steven and William Ladd, Laurie Haycock Makela, and Yuri Suzuki. Their new works will create participatory environments in which senses are merged or substituted for one another—for instance, sound will become visible and language will become tactile—so that visitors can engage with their surroundings in new and unconventional ways.


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