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XXIst Century Man

March 30 - July 6, 2008

21_21 DESIGN SIGHT, Tokyo, Japan

XXIst Century Man - Exhibitions

Visit  21_21 DESIGN SIGHT, Tokyo, Japan


Eight years into the new millennium and the question arises: where are we headed, now that we live in the century once hailed as the future? This question is the springboard and theme for our third exhibition, starting on the first anniversary of 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT’s opening in 2007.

The "XXIst Century" in the exhibition title refers of course to the 21st century, and by "Man", to those of us living here, now. The title also expresses a desire to place our hope in the future.

In this show, we will focus on the 21st century and its people as a means by which to explore ideas for building a better future for this century and beyond. Exhibition director Issey Miyake has done extensive research to prepare for the show, which includes a wide spectrum of Japanese and international creators, all of whom address today's many doubts and insecurities through their own individual form of creative expression. 

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