XXI Triennale di Milano: The Multicultural Metropolis
curated by Andrea Branzi

April 2 - September 12, 2016

Palazzo della Triennale Viale Alemagna, 6, Milano


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Tuesday - Sunday

10:30am - 8:30pm


The creation of multi-ethnic societies, with the more or less conflictual coexistence of racial and cultural minorities, is one of the most significant aspects of the twenty-first century.


On the occasion of the XXI International Exposition, Triennale di Milano presents the exhibition named “The Multicultural Metropolis”.


The coexistence of racial and cultural minorities in multi-ethnic societies is often interpreted as a joyful circle in which mutual tolerance should allow each group to retain its own memories and ancient traditions and customs.


In actual fact, this archipelago of ethnic groups is routinely permeated by an invasive influx of international commodities, brought in by the globalisation of markets. The effect of this is a gradual standardisation, in which memories, traditions, faces and customs all disappear. Multi-ethnicity, as induced by a Consumer Civilisation, thus tends to absorb the complexity of our society, emptying it of the ancient traces of a world that is destined to disappear forever into the mists of a global market.



Curated by
Andrea Branzi


Exhibition design
Daniele Macchi
Studio Andrea Branzi


Graphic design
Daniele Macchi
Studio Andrea Branzi