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Theatro Municipal
Campana Brothers

August 31, 2012

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Theatro Municipal Sushi Carpet, 2012...

Theatro Municipal
Sushi Carpet, 2012

Theatre Municipal of São Paulo is a theatre located in São Paulo, Brazil. Erected in 1911, Theatre Municipal is regarded as one of the landmarks of the city, significant both for its architectural value as well as for its historical importance, having been the venue for the Week of Modern Art in 1922, which revolutionised the arts in Brazil. The building now houses the São Paulo Municipal Symphonic Orchestra, the Coral Lírico (Lyric Choir) and the City Ballet of São Paulo.

Theatre Municipal was fully restored for its centennial in June 2011 and reopened with a cafe designed by the Campana Brothers. The furniture and flooring was designed with the Campana Brother's 'Sushi Carpet'.

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