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The Wellcome Trust - Window Installation
Paul Cocksedge


London, UK

The Wellcome Trust - Window Installation, 2008 Neo...

The Wellcome Trust - Window Installation, 2008
Neon, glass and electronic film
Height: 11.48 ft, Length: 72.17 ft

A short stroll from London’s St Pancras station in Euston Road, London, sits an impressive 9-storey glass building which houses the UK’s largest charity, The Wellcome Trust. The front windows of the building are seen by over 1.8 million passers by each year, providing the perfect opportunity to engage the public with the work of this medical charity. With this in mind, Paul Cocksedge Studio has created a dramatic window display of arms stretching across the full length of the building.


Using a unique electronic material that allows light to pass through it, but with a flick of a switch can stop the light, the magic skin covering the arms disappears to reveal veins and arteries inside the arms which have been translated into glass neon tubes.


“I am keen to engage with those passers-by who are not familiar with the work of the Trust, and also to show the relationship between both buildings that are architecturally distinct from one another."

“The reference to the human body is a symbol of medical research. I am keen to show how making the skin become invisible reveals the workings of the arms, similar to an X-ray.  The intention is that people walking along busy Euston Road will, for a moment in time, consider their own bodies and walk away with a clear association between imagery and the Wellcome Trust."

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