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Tadanori Yokoo

January 29 - April 17, 2005

Contemporary Art Museum, Kumamoto, Japan

The Aesthetics of End, 1966 Silkscreen on paper 40...

The Aesthetics of End, 1966
Silkscreen on paper
40.55 x 28.66 inches
103 x 72.8 cm

Visit Contemporary Art Museum, Kumamoto

The Contemporary Art Museum Kumamoto is presenting an exhibition "Kumamoto Buenos Aireszation Project" by Tadanori Yoko, the leading artist in Japan.This idea was emerged from his first impression in Kumamoto in 2001, though he has never been in Buenos Aires.Buenos Aires is located in close on opposite end of Kumamoto city. This spiritual epiphany that the name of Buenos Aires penetrates him waking in Kumamoto, reads this special Exhibition.For example, speaking of Buenos Aires, that's tango. And we are astonished by the fact that Yokoo made a lot of works painting tango. The spiritual epiphany maybe has come to him before the episode in Kumamoto.He will create his Buenos Aires at the exhibition in Kumamoto as the product of the imagination that comes from him.

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