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Swell Designed for Yamagiwa
Paul Cocksedge


Swell, 2009 Designed for Yamagiwa, Concept from 20...

Swell, 2009
Designed for Yamagiwa,
Concept from 2005

The inspiration for Swell came from the fascination with the physical phenomena of materials expanding and contracting through the influence of environmental change.

The suspended bulb of Swell initially appears to be a solid coloured glass object, while actually containing a unique dyed liquid. Once the lamp is switched on, the liquid slowly warms up and expands, causing it to rise up through the tube like mercury in a thermometer.

This gradual, gentle process effectively uses heat, the inevitable by -product of the incandescent bulb, to produce an entrancing effect in an interior milieu.

Created from hand made glass, Swell is adaptable as any hue can be mixed into the contained liquid to harmonise with or complement any interior setting. It is illuminated by a W35 halogen bulb and projects white light. 

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