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Ron Arad: Two Nuns Bicycle, 2011
WOW Bikes

October 2011

Elton John AIDS Foundation & W Hotel

Two Nuns Bicycle by Ron Arad, 2011 2011...

Two Nuns Bicycle by Ron Arad, 2011 2011

Ron Arad designed the ‘Nuns Bicycle’ for a fundraising project called WOW bikes, organised by the Elton John AIDS Foundation and W Hotels. Ron Arad has used naturall sprung properties of tempered steel, bolted in tension that gives a natural yield or “softness”–to build a bike with wheels made of sprung steel.
To account for the added flexibility in the materials, Arad’s sprung wheels of steel are in fact a little bit larger than the average bike wheel but it’s this yield that gives the wheels a slight cushion and makes the wheels work in a practical way. Hearst said it’s a surprisingly comfortable ride, and, ironically, the faster you go, the smoother it is.

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