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Rites of Spring, Art in the Garden

April 10, 2019 - October 31, 2020

Longhouse Reserve, East Hampton, NY

Wendell Castle [American, 1932-2018] Grand Temptat...

Wendell Castle [American, 1932-2018]

Grand Temptation, 2014


43.25 x 126 x 55.25 inches

110 x 320 x 140 cm

Edition of 8

As part of their 2019 exhibition and outdoor installation, Longhouse Reserve will install Wendell Castle's Grand Temptation on their 16 acre reserve and sculpture garden located in East Hampton, NY. One of the most ambitious aspects of Castle’s later work is his in-depth exploration of bronze. While not new to his practice, the scale and perfection of his castings now attained new heights. The casting is based on a small-scale handmade model which was then enlarged to a hard foam “plug,” which in turn was used to make a mold. The finishing of both the plug and final bronze involved intense workmanship, both in terms of surface texture and added color through the application of patina. Grand Temptation serves as an example for how Castle explored the possibilities of digital design and fabrication to achieve unprecedented complexity of composition.

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