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Christopher Le Brun


St. Paul's Cathedral, London, UK

The exhibition at St. Paul’s is the first in a linked series of different events that will take place in six cathedrals throughout Britain in 2004 to celebrate 150 years of Christian charity BibleLands' ministry.

The series of exhibitions features work by: Norman Adams, Craigie Aitchison, John Bellany, Matthew Burrows, Mark Cazalet, Billy Childish, Tracey Emin, Chris Gollon, Antony Gormley, Michael Gough, Maggi Hambling, Susie Hamilton, Robert Hardy, Albert Herbert, Nicola Hicks, Paul Hobbs, Ghislaine Howard, Peter Howson, Fenwick Lawson, Sonia Lawson, Christopher Le Brun, Paul Martin, Louise McClary, Iain McKillop, Nicholas Mynheer, Kate Rose, Martin Rose, Jill Sim, Roger Wagner, Mark Wallinger, Penny Warden, Peter White, Willie Williams and Bill Viola.

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