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Opera House Cafe
Campana Brothers

July 2011

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Opera House Cafe, Sao Paulo, Brazil Photography: &...

Opera House Cafe, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Photography:  Fernando Laszlo

To Celebrate 100 years, São Paulo's Opera House, or Theatro Municipal, went through renovations and improvements. Amongst those, is the Cafeā€restaurant, designed by the Campana brothers. The site seeks multiplying the visibility of the architectural elements in the room, as well as communicating with them, creating coherence throughout the entire environment.

Brass, marble, wood and bronze colored mirrors, mainly compose the furniture of the Cafe that carries historical memory. Some of the original furniture was reused,
keeping the memory of the place, so the Cafe mixes elegance and art with objects
like the bronze colored mirror surfaces, the wall panel and the tabletops that reflect
the colors and the light into small and big fragments, involving the room. At the
same time that all these features date the 100th anniversary of the Opera House, it transposes modernity and innovation characteristic of the Campana style.
Respecting this site that represents part of our culture, Fernando and Humberto Campana helped open doors to a new phase of the Opera House and left their trademark in this historical monument of the city of São Paulo. The construction was donated by the Campana brothers and sponsored by Votorantin Metais. The cafeā€restaurant works during presentations and also offer breakfast and lunch hours.

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