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Minding the Digital

December 12, 2017 - June 3, 2018

Design Society, Shenzhen, China

Joris Laarman [Dutch, b. 1979] Microstructures Ada...
Joris Laarman [Dutch, b. 1979]
Microstructures Adaptation Chair (Long Cell) (Material Study), 2014
Copper plated nylon 3D print
27.56 x 30.31 x 28.35 inches
70 x 77 x 72 cm
Edition of 12

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Featuring about 60 China-based and international works from leading and emerging creative practices, "Minding the Digital" offers a journey of exploration into how the field of design is responding to this phenomenon. We live in an era defined by unprecedented digitalisation—in China and beyond. As the medium between people and technology, digital design is shaping the way we interact with, each other and the world. This phenomenon has taken our lives by storm.


Since China entered into the mobile Internet era in 2009, the ubiquitous network has become the all-powerful facilitator for everything to take place digitally including creation, communication and expression. We have experienced an incredible infiltration of mobile phones, smart wearables and responsive environments which are widening our senses and capabilities. These daily experiences are all moulded by meticulous design processes.


It is timely to reflect on how design can mediate between technology and human values in the future. Through three key sections Digital Encounter, Digital Interactions and Digital Participation, the exhibition illustrates how digital design is inspiring new ways of making things, connecting with the others and with society at large. It demonstrates creative possibilities in embracing the digital future.

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