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Local Icons
Urban landscapes / North-South

February 3 - February 26, 2017

MAXXI Museo Nazionale Delle Arti Del XXI Secolo, Rome

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For the third and conclusive chapter of Local Icons. Urban landscapes / North South the designers Form Us With Love, Great Things to People, Gustavo Martini, Steven Haulenbeek, Marc Thorpe, Liliana Ovalle, Seck + Birsel, Ilkka Suppanen explore the urban landscape, fusing the ideal with real life.


Two very different parts of the world come together to dialogue about the city, understood not only as a collection of monuments and buildings, but as a landscape composed of natural elements, inhabited by a community of people who condition it with their way of life.  What emerges is a portrait of cities with an environmental rather than tourisitc dimension, composed of the observations and emotions of those intimate with the places as citizens as well as designers.


Once again Alcantara is the medium of choice for communicating to the public the designs and the visions of the designers; in this case tackling an unprecedented scale for this material: that which goes beyond the confines of the object and takes on the grand dimensions of the urban landscape.

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