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Life 01, Designed for Flos
Paul Cocksedge


Life 01, 2009 Designed for Flos...

Life 01, 2009
Designed for Flos

Drawing on the symbolic nature of light and water as fundamental life giving forces, Life 01  is a unique object, which goes beyond being an interior decoration to become an allegory of the transience of life.

Life 01 combines the elements of light, water and organic life, in the appearance of a simple crystal vase to create an atmosphere that both embellishes a space and encourages contemplation, much like a vanitas or a still life painting.

When adorned with a flower, the vase lights up from within, reflecting abstract flower patterns through the glistening water. The flower stem acts as a conductor of electricity and activates a small light source at the bottom of the vase. However, as the flower withers, the light slowly expires.

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