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Keep it Glassy
Campana Brothers

March 28 2013 - May 31 2014

Shanghai Museum of Glass, Shanghai, China

Keep it Glassy. Shanghai Museum of Glass, Shanghai...

Keep it Glassy. Shanghai Museum of Glass, Shanghai, China, March 28, 2013

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The Shanghai Museum of Glass presents a new exhibition that shows the playful and fun character in glass design. Over 200 pieces from more than 50 renowned designers worldwide are showcased, including the Batuque Vase (2000) from the Campana Brothers; Droog Design, Fabrica and Tadao Ando.


Throughout time, glass has come a long way. Up until today designers are embracing the materials’ fascinating ability to take on endless shapes and colors. Besides the fact that working with glass is a very serious matter of craftsmanship, it is also a fun way of experimenting that can have surprising results. The new exhibition ‘Keep it Glassy ‘shows exactly this.


More than 200 exhibited works are carefully brought in from all over the world to come together in the new temporary exhibition space of the Shanghai Museum of Glass. For ‘Keep it Glassy’ an international selection of designers was made, as the fun of working with glass goes beyond borders of language, style or culture. The exhibition brings together the works of creative minds that share a common interest - a passion for glass and an excitement in working with the material.


Keep it Glassy is co-curated by COORDINATION ASIA, who also created the extra-ordinary exhibition concept and design for the project. A maze of mirrors and pools offers surprising perspectives and leads the visitor through the selection of exhibits that put a smile upon your face and show the magic of the material.

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