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Joris Laarman
Bone Series

December 7 - 10, 2006

Smart Deco, Design Miami, Miami, FL

Bone Chaise, 2006 Polyurethane-based resin 30.43 x...

Bone Chaise, 2006
Polyurethane-based resin
30.43 x 58.27 x 40.55 inches
77.3 x 148 x 103 cm
Edition of 12

Bone Series

Design Miami 2006
December 7 – 10

Friedman Benda and Droog Design are pleased to present the cutting-edge furniture of Joris Laarman, one of the most innovative young Dutch designers working in the field today. Laarman's new work will be featured for the first time in Smart Deco, a period room installation of the 21st century, at Design Miami 2006. A group effort by top European designers including Marcel Wanders, Atelier van Lieshout, Frank Tjepkema, Front Design and others, Smart Deco will present small limited edition works demonstrating bold steps into previously uncharted territories of design.

With his new Bone Series, Joris Laarman revolutionizes the design process using an algorithm originally developed by a scientist to mathematically replicate the way bones grow. This process has far-reaching consequences for industrial application, and has been used with great success in the automotive industry. Laarman, however, has taken it a step further; after spending nearly two tireless years working with the different possibilities of the algorithm and pushing its limits, he has created two designs to present at Design Miami: a chaise longue in aluminum and a chair in polyurethane-based resin. While these 'perfect designs' optimize material allocation, weight and stability in the same way bones grow; maximizing endurance and strength while minimizing material input, Laarman has full control over the entire design process from the aesthetic to the material choice to the final appearance.
It is rare to see such compelling and mature work from anyone outside the rarified circle of today's more established designers. Laarman's stunning designs are precious objects that no one would suspect are a consequence of the process described above.

Joris Laarman was born in 1979 in the small village of Borculo in The Netherlands. As a child, he wanted to become an architect and a mad scientist. In 1997, after one year at the Academy of Fine Arts he began his study at the Eindhoven Design Academy where he was able to combine his two childhood passions. Upon his graduation from Eindhoven in 2003, Laarman gained notoriety with his functional roccoco radiator 'Heatwave' produced by Droog Design. In 2004, he started his own company, Joris Laarman Laboratory, a studio for "innovation, aesthetics, curiosity, and freedom" concentrating on "architectural interventions and product design with a poetic kind of engineering". Laarman also works for several well-known international design companies. He recently contributed articles and seminars for Domus Magazine and has been a guest lecturer at various European universities, including the Architectural Association (AA) and Design Academy Eindhoven.

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