Crystallize - Swarovski Crystal Palace Collection
Paul Cocksedge

2005 - 2013

Traveling installation


Crystallize, 2005
Designed for the Swarovski Crystal Palace Collection
Dimensions variable, Height ranges from 35.4 to 70.8 inches
Crystals, laser module and glass

Traveling Exhibition Dates:

Swarovski Digital Crystal, Beijing Design Week, 2013
Swarovski Digital, London Design Museum, London, UK, 2012
Designed for the Swarovski Crystal Palace Collection, MilanItaly, 2005
Miami, 2005

Crystallize is a chandelier made from light and so when there is no light the chandelier disappears. Using lasers and crystals in perfect alignment, the iconic shape of a Swarovski crystal is drawn in mid air. At the heart of the chandelier is a single crystal, which sparkles as it catches the light.