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Christopher Le Brun: Monoprints

March 29 - April 27, 2001

University Gallery, University of Northumbria, Newcastle, UK

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Artists generally approach printmaking and painting in different ways and, similarly, monoprints require a different temperament. Christoper Le Brun is an artist who enjoys the challenge and excitement inherent in moving from one medium to another. Compared to other print media, monoprints are characterised by qualities of spontaneity, wit and invention. The reason is partly technical. Painting a repertoire of ideas rapidly onto a plate and making any adjustments before the paint can dry is a process which can take under an hour. The transformation when printed makes the image and the colour all the more resonant. "Atmosphere, distance, reversal, ghosting and precision are all unique to this process. Consequently, it becomes an enjoyable challenge to set out to lose oneself - for the pleasure of finding the way home." (Christopher Le Brun) In this exhibition, Le Brun travels from printmaking to sculpture, from the literal to the abstract, in a fascinating series of images and ideas that range from small-scale sculpture - wings, horse and rider, disc - to monumental monoprints.

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