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Auditorium, 100% Design Show
Paul Cocksedge


London Design Festival, UK

Auditorium, 2012 39 x 49 x 11.5 feet Nylon wire...

Auditorium, 2012
39 x 49 x 11.5 feet
Nylon wire

Commissioned for the 100% Design Show during the London Design Festival 2012, Paul Cocksedge’s Auditorium moves away from conventional methods of creating a confined space: blocks, solid planes, edges. Instead, a virtually invisible material is brought on-site to be delicately woven by hand into a system as complex and transparent as a spider’s web. The process only ends when the space has been properly defined within what has now become a partition, but not a wall.

Open, but confined; translucent and yet solid, the Auditorium network plays with our notions of exterior and interior space, where they begin and where they end.

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