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April 1 - May 5, 2019

Assab One, Milan, Italy

Andrea Branzi [Italian, b. 1938] Wall 4, 2013 Chal...

Andrea Branzi [Italian, b. 1938]

Wall 4, 2013

Chalk on printed canvas and wood

94.5 x 78.75 x 26.75 inches

240 x 200 x 68 cm

The third edition of 1+1+1, the exhibition format conceived by Elena Quarestani with Marco Sammicheli, returns to investigating the relationship between art, architecture and design through the work of three practitioners. An architect, a textile designer and an artist were all invited to create installations and site-specific works in the evocative spaces of Assab One; among them Andrea Branzi, architect, protagonist of the Radical movement and of the New Italian design.


Andrea Branzi, architect, protagonist of the Radical movement and of the New Italian design, was recently celebrated at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm with the prestigious Rolf Schock award in the Visual Arts 2018 for his long and meaningful involvement in the debate about cities, architecture and design. As a contemporary humanist, in this exhibition Branzi reflects on an arcane and contemporary art, more precisely Latin art, paying tribute to a Pompeii that has remained “intact” in its most intimate and poetic dimension, the domestic one. The title of his exhibition is La Metropoli Latina. He lives in Milan.


Chiaki Maki, textile designer, trained at universities in both Japan and the United States, after which she traveled to many countries around the world in search of the roots of weaving. In her workshop on the slopes of the Himalayas, conceived together with Bijoy Jain (founder of Studio Mumbai), every square centimeter has been touched by the hand of man. There, through strictly natural processes, she makes precious yarns that she then composes, creating pictorial textiles. Her work is characterised by natural pigments, as well as the reaction of colours to light and matter. The combination of her artistic vein with traditional craftsmanship and the resources of nature inspired the exhibition’s title The Alchemy of Weaving. She lives and works in both Tokyo and Dehradun. This is her first exhibition in Italy.


Andrea Mastrovito, artist, expresses himself with equal amounts of creative energy using a variety of means, from drawing, to installation, to video. For this exhibition, Mastrovito pays homage with a monumental work to the production of the well-known Milan-based company – GEA – which had its headquarters in the spaces of Assab One. It is a kind of loving restoration/mending of the floor of the former factory, rebuilt today with a camouflage fabric of over thousands of puzzle pieces made from green book covers, collected thanks to the participation of friends and residents of the neighborhood. The title of his exhibition is BABEL. He lives and works between New York and Bergamo. This is his third exhibition at Assab One.


The three exhibitions will be open from April 1 to May 5 and will be accompanied by a calendar of events, special opening hours and guided tours.

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