Campana Brothers

April 27 - August 20, 2017

Museu Oscar Niemeyer


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The "Campana Brothers" exhibition opens at the Oscar Niemeyere Museum (MON) on April 27, 2017.  The exhibition, designed by the brothers and located at the museum's exhibition spae known as the "eye", is curated by Consuelo Comelsen and features more than 130 works from the designers.


The exhibition presents iconic works, like the "Red" (1998), "Favela" (2003) and "Corallo" (2003) armchairs - all produced by the Italian company Edra -, works from the beginning o the designers' career, such as the "Uncomfortables" collection (1989), as well as more recent works like the furniture line "Asymmetrical" (2017), produced by Tok&Stok.  Special editions represented by interational galleries, including the Friedman Benda Gallery e Firma Casa, are also part of the show, alongside other national and international licensed works produced by companies like A Lot of Brasil, Alessi, Edra, Grendene, Lacoste, Lasvit, Louis Vuitton and Skitsch.


Consuelo Cornelsen, curator of the exhibition, stated: "our goal is to show how the brothers work, having the diversity of materials used in their works as a curatorial axis.  They developed an intense research in this regard, using peculiar materials which resulted in pieces with a unique and pleasant aesthetic.  This research of materials is shown in a chronological way throughout the exhibition, in a way in which the public can have an idea of the history of the materials used.  The decision to have this curatorial axis was a natural one considering their work; after all for the Campana Brothers design is born from the material and not from a sketch."