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Wendell Castle: Rockin'

May 3 - August 13, 2010

Barry Friedman Ltd.

Rockin’ series is among the most iconic body...

Rockin’ series is among the most iconic body of work produced over the past decade by pioneer of American Studio Furniture and contemporary design, Wendell Castle.

Castle was prompted to revisit the rocker theme after an encounter with one of his earliest works, Sleigh Lounger, 1963. He was struck by the notion of speed suggested by the continuous shape of its supports and decided to emphasize the quality. Calling on his passion for vintage racecars, Castle noted: “A great depiction of speed comes from the early twentieth-century photographer, [Jacques-Henri] Lartigue. He took a famous picture of a Bugatti racing car and it appears as if the wheels are tilted and turning forward. So I tried to give everything a forward movement.”

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