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Expo Chicago
Booth #321

September 18 - 21, 2014

Navy Pier, Chicago, IL

Expo Chicago - Exhibitions
For our presentation at EXPO Chicago, Friedman Benda will show works on paper by
the gallery's artist roster and its affiliated artists and offer insights into the spectrum
of artists through their working practice on paper: Rather than insulating our artists
by showing each individually within the context of his or her own work, or in an
isolated presentation, the gallery will exhibit these works in immediate proximity. By
placing one beside the next, unforeseen cross references, visual affinities, and
contrasts amongst artists, the medium, and ideas expressed, will emerge.
While some artists have worked on paper at various times in their careers to-date, for
others, the medium poses a challenge. The works on paper will range from art world
icons to mid-career artists.
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